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" of the few speakers I've seen at a conference who takes power of the room and leaves people wishing the workshop was longer... Chirag makes you want to stay in a 60-minute workshop for 60 more minutes."



"Chirag was an above average speaker... What really made him stand out was his energy and passion towards the subject!"

Programming Director

Baruch Entreprenuership Center

"... [Chirag] truly over delivered! What made the biggest difference from other speakers, is he is truly passionate about what he is speaking about which truly makes a HUGE difference. Easy to work with & 110% suggest him to anyone thinking of hiring him!!"

CEO / Founder

BLK LBL Esthetics

" of the highlights of the weekend and was extremely well-received by the students & faculty in attendance. Chirag's ability to engage the audience and provide actionable guidance was truly impressive..."

Global Director

... as a first-time founder, [Chirag was] super valuable to have when trying to scale and transition from solo to a team. He always supported me and helped me work towards my goals with an actionable plan... I'd recommend working with him!

Founder / CEO

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