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Hi, I'm Chirag!

Helping You Build Memorable Brands Through Intentional Storytelling & Actionable Marketing

9-5: Customer Success Lead at Google


5-9: Marketing Stategy Keynote & Content Creator with over 60k+ Followers & 7M+ Views

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Hi! I'm Chirag, Your Brand Marketing Keynote

Helping You Build Memorable Brands Through Intentional Storytelling & Actionable Marketing

... as a first-time founder, [Chirag was] super valuable to have when trying to scale and transition from solo to a team. He always supported me and helped me work towards my goals with an actionable plan... I'd recommend working with him!


KO Studios

" of the highlights of the weekend and was extremely well-received by the students & faculty in attendance. Chirag's ability to engage the audience and provide actionable guidance was truly impressive..."

Global Executive Director

" of the few speakers I've seen at a conference who takes power of the room and leaves people wishing the workshop was longer... Chirag makes you want to stay in a 60-minute workshop for 60 more minutes."


March Hair Care

Who is Chirag?

Chirag Nijjer is a leading expert in simplifying complex marketing concepts into practical advice. He is known for his engaging digital content and exciting global speaking engagements, amassing over 7 million views and a community of 60k+ on social media. His speciality is using real-world storytelling to help entrepreneurs move from chaos to action, so they can be intentional in their brand marketing efforts. As a son of Punjabi-Indian immigrant small business owners, it is Chirag’s goal to make marketing and branding more accessible for those who traditionally lack access.

In Chirag’s “9-to-5”, he is a Platinum Customer Success Lead and celebrated team member at Google. He works with some of the world's largest global brands, as an expert in crisis management and proactive problem-solving. For Chirag’s “5-9”, he is a dynamic speaker and insightful advisor, having worked with hundreds of companies worldwide. With his proprietary methods and marketing strategies, such as the Brand Clarity Framework, he brings brands out of chaos and into action.

His accolades include numerous Google Customer-Centricity awards, the Hunsicker Business Studies Award, the Dyer Innovation Fellowship, and the Whitman Economics Fellowship. In addition, appointments as a Dyer Innovator-in-Residence, Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Global Ventures Judge, and a Google for Startups Accelerator Mentor. He has also been featured in the hit HISTORY docu-series ‘Mega Brands That Build America’ alongside business experts like Gary Vaynerchuk.

Chirag's Keynote

The Brand Clarity Framework

3 Steps for Intentional & Impactful Story-Based Marketing

Brand Marketers, let’s get you back in control and feeling confident in your strategy. Discover how to build consistent and memorable brands, by mastering how and when we tell our stories.

Drawing on 8 years of research, Chirag will introduce you to the Brand Clarity Framework, designed to make your marketing more intentional and action-driven.

Known for his dynamic presentations, with over 7 million online views, Chirag will share 10+ real-world examples and provide actionable tools to help you navigate the complexities of brand marketing.

You’ll understand how to simplify your workflows, develop powerful narratives that resonate with different audiences (even your C Suite, haha), and return to a world in which brand marketing is intentional and fun, regardless of the platform.

The Brand Echo Theory

Streamline your marketing by focusing on a few key words that define your brand, reducing complexity and ensuring consistent audience recognition.

Step 1
The 8 Resonance Brand Story Types

Master 8 essential brand stories that resonate with customers, stakeholders, and partners, creating powerful narratives that simplify your marketing efforts and ensure impactful communication.

Step 2
The Brand Curiosity Model

Organize your marketing into manageable stages, using audience curiosity to guide them, resulting in a clear, focused strategy that maintains brand consistency across all platforms.

Step 3

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Chirag Speaks

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